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Step into a world where rhythm meets innovation, and melodies weave tales of timeless elegance – welcome to the extraordinary realm of Baycoin Beats! If you're seeking more than just a band for your event, but an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary, you've found your musical soulmates. Led by the dynamic drumming virtuoso Jae "Stix" Jackson, Baycoin Beats is your ticket to an unforgettable sonic journey. From the soulful nostalgia of old-school R&B to the contemporary beats of jazz, our versatile sounds cater to diverse tastes, ensuring your event is not just heard but felt. 

Whether it's the elegance of a corporate gala, the joy of a wedding celebration, or the vibrancy of a festival, Baycoin Beats transforms each occasion into a unique masterpiece. Optional DJ integration adds a modern flair, offering an extra layer of excitement. Ready to elevate your event and leave a lasting impression? Choose Baycoin Beats and let the music speak volumes, resonating with your audience long after the last note fades away. Contact us now, and let the rhythmic magic begin!

Why Baycoin Beats?*Untitled%20design%20(21)*png?alt=media&token=e7bddef2-0bce-41fa-902d-032519c17f0d
From the soulful classics of R&B to the innovative rhythms of contemporary jazz, Baycoin Beats seamlessly blends genres, creating a musical journey that transcends time*Untitled%20design%20(27)*png?alt=media&token=ae9b5c95-56be-4ece-8fa5-826c0fd535d5
Jae "Stix" Jackson, our visionary leader and drummer, brings unparalleled skill to the stage. Her beats set the heartbeat of Baycoin Beats, captivating audiences with every performance.*Untitled%20design%20(28)*png?alt=media&token=47b0face-733a-4a0d-aac3-bb31f4d900ae
Feel the energy radiate through the room as Baycoin Beats delivers a live experience like no other. Our dynamic fusion of genres ensures that every listener finds a rhythm to groove to.*Untitled%20design%20(29)*png?alt=media&token=616e9582-4769-483e-a666-b4490ff1d7c1

Whether it's a sophisticated corporate event, a lively wedding celebration, or a vibrant festival, Baycoin Beats adapts to the vibe of your event, creating an atmosphere that resonates with your audience.


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"Baycoin Beats transformed our corporate event into a musical masterpiece! The blend of old-school R&B and contemporary jazz was a hit with everyone." - Sarah K., Event Coordinator
"Jae 'Stix' Jackson's drumming is pure magic. Baycoin Beats brought an electrifying energy to our wedding, making it an unforgettable celebration." - Mark and Emily, Newlyweds
"The versatility of Baycoin Beats is unmatched. We've booked them for multiple events, and each time, they tailor their performance perfectly to the occasion." - Alex M., Event Planner

What We Offer*Untitled%20design%20(30)*png?alt=media&token=e1733bcf-8e51-4f85-b5c5-b2317a3c5fbf

Experience the magic of Baycoin Beats live and in-person, with performances tailored to suit your event's theme and mood.*DJ%20ICON*png?alt=media&token=9d7c2fa6-0c06-4b20-8261-45026591f0c4


Choose to enhance your experience with the seamless blending of live instrumentation with DJ elements. Our hybrid approach brings a modern twist to traditional live music, and the choice is yours.*Untitled%20design%20(31)*png?alt=media&token=648233bd-d8e9-416b-b2dc-5b21e24a67d9

Take home a piece of the Baycoin Beats experience with our exclusive merchandise, including branded clothing and accessories.*Untitled%20design%20(32)*png?alt=media&token=e15d3e2c-5487-4d2b-8d08-92c3f33b6dba

Elevate your project with the soulful sounds of Baycoin Beats. Explore opportunities for music licensing in films, commercials, and more.


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